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The Best Young Designs We Saw At Salone Satellite 2018

If you are wondering where can young designers get visibility, then it is the Milan Design Week for sure. Every year, at the Milan fair, there is an event dedicated to the young designers – Salone Satellite. These young designers from all around the world come together to showcase their creativity, ideas, and be visible in the furniture market. The Salone Satellite Award is a further opportunity to facilitate contact between young designers and businesses. This year’s focus was Africa and Latin America, with designers from all over the world exploiting crossover forms - bridging design, technology and tradition.

Natalia Wieteska's Brinkk sideboard under the brand Envee is a storage solution inspired by the sculptural forms of contemporary architecture. The seemingly gravity-defying, monolithic, block of timber with its incision is an exercise in precision and perspective. The full collection consists of a range of sideboards and bookshelves which use this approach as inspiration. This product won the Red Dot Award for the Design Concept.

Cecilia Xinyu Zhang is another young designer whose works - The Fifth D Clock and Equant Suspension are worth mentioning. Her work explores the idea of introducing spatial consciousness into objects in altering viewer's perception on object and space. The Fifth D Clock is an attempt to interpret the concept of Fifth Dimensional Space. And, Equant Suspension lamp with an adjustable circular reflector provides indirect, diffused, and reflected illumination. This means single point light sources can create diffused lighting. Cove lighting is in the past as sleek decorative lights work in tandem across a spaces of all sizes.

Designer Gavaz De Biasi and his team pick drift wood from riverbanks and lakes. They cure them and build furniture that’s truly special. Tables, sideboards and pieces of art. The concept is committed to the daily and creative use of what environment provides us with.

An elegant and playful floor lamp wants to light your readings with its big bright eyes. Its prominent tail moves together with the eyes when you adjust them closer or further. Dorking floor lamp by Sergi Ventura. Young design from Salone Satellite. His designs start with the desire to tell a story willing to decorate spaces that want to be unique.

Imagine one solitary light, surrounded by a hanging sequence of cones and parabolic hoods, white on the inside and black on the outside. The light flows through the cones, bouncing off the white, adding to the interplay of the installation. The star of Salone Satellite, the Milan Furniture Fair for young designers, and creator of this wonderfully orchestrated ‘mobile’ is Hiroto Yoshizoe. He focuses on interpreting the ideas of change, time, and movement in space to create designs from both modern and analogue approaches.

Even furniture can be used to make statements. Evocative young design at Salone Satellite is the Whittle Away shelf by Stoft.

Colours infused into wood with a polymer resin. By allying wood and resin, the studio Atelier Insolite gives birth to unique, original, and eco-friendly pieces.

The idea is to create emotional connections between furniture and people. A groovy modular system made of five velvet-covered foam shapes. Colourful design by Ilco.

Zsuzsanna Horvath's work is based on turning sheet materials into sculptural three-dimensional objects. Her kinetic spatial creations formed by gravity come to life with the help of light and air movement as ripples go through the thin cuts.

The Verdable table, by Anna Szczurek and Sophie Berianidze of Beriana studio complies with this modern need to optimise space. The table’s mirrored top reflects any flowers that are placed in the vase-pedestal, amplifying their presence.

Felicia Arvid's textile room. She's a Danish designer who juggles between fashion, design, and architecture. Using her knowledge from the fashion world she works with textiles and fabrics to create a new design. She used wool for the sofa, where you can insert a side table or a lamp wherever you like. With wool, she also created acoustic panels and room dividers which can be customised with different colours and arrangements. Wool has sound absorbing quality. Her sofa-bed system embraces the individual and the diverse ways of living by adaptability.

Rust Harvest. One of the most original ideas at Salone Satellite is this unusual technique by Studio Yuma Kano. The rust of a metal sheet is transferred into the acrylic. Organic warmth in a man made material. This design aims to inspire a fun, creative world where everyone is able to find new possibilities by exploring unnoticed aspects of the everyday.

Rehome is a project all about rapid production of inexpensive furniture in high volume to meet the criteria of the primary needs in temporary housing. Plywood and corrugated cardboard as furniture materials allow rapid production, building, and recycling and brings furniture to life. Beds, tables, and more, the ultimate bid to make sustainability count.

Market is a design collective specialised in branding of commercial spaces, but actually provides a wider range of disciplines - the collaboration with associated creative professionals strengthens their design approach as well as the formation of exemplary and well-tailored products and brands.

PileUP Life is a lifestyle brand founded in Taiwan. In order to design a modular chair system, we have deconstructed a chair into 9 parts, from seat to legs. By standardising all components, users can mix and match different parts to create thousands of styles, as they were playing with legos.

Indian Designs at Satellite

We are thrilled to see the Indian presence grow year by year.

Studio Wood, a young Delhi-based firm, designs bespoke furniture and spaces with diverse materials and adds quirkiness to create unusual products and spaces.

Chandigarh based Studio Ardete blend art, design, and functionality together - to celebrate the joy of life - made evident in their furniture, inspired by the flower.

SaloneSatellite Award Winners

Stefano Carta Vasconcellos won the first place for his Light Kitchen design. This kitchen counter can be assembled with seven elements and with no screws.

Tink Things designed by Benussi&theFish won the second place. The clever design caters to the children's playful and sensory needs, helping them grow happily and with awareness.

Himuroyuri’s Soft Block design won third. A new home decoration object that through its softness and bending capacity and a tease to twist encourages interaction and distraction for anyone at any age.

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Naturdeco. The room of the living world. MDW 2018 Report: Day 6

Flora and fauna come indoors with soft decoration, some more permanent. The world’s most industry-defining furniture makers introduce their new products at Milan during Design Week as a critical focal point in their calendars, marking the beginning of global trade for the new collections.

While core products demand innovation and newness, creating perfect ambiences for them to be seen in is most difficult, since architects, designers and buyers from all continents, and hence various influences, are present. Nature has always been inspirational to human creativity, right from the time when the sun was first worshipped for bringing life giving warmth and light. And so it is at Milan Design Week 2018. Inspiration from Nature mitigates risk while triggering the instinctive comfort that we humans possess within.

Here are key observations on Naturdeco, a new stylistic language in interiors:
Tall plants, shrubs and small trees in pots with unusual, fancy planters.
Elements from the insect world, not just butterflies and dragonflies, but beetles, ants, exotic birds and mammals, are evident in tabletop and shelving props, panels, partitions, bookends, wall prints, frames images, and wallpaper. Many of these are presented in reduced form and in monotones, often in gold.
Non-repetitive organic motifs are popular, and are creatively used, flowing from wall to ceiling.

Naturdeco is a trend that’s here to stay as we get closer to environmental matters in our lifestyles.

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Interior Design Trend Analysis MDW 2018 Report: Day 4 and Day 5

Colours. Change and challenge.

Colours and finishes matter greatly to the interior design and furniture industry, simply because of the large number of uniquely produced elements that come together to make a room beautiful and functional.

When a sofa engages with a handmade carpet, the colour synergy pre-exists in the system. These tones are made to come together by an interior designer or architect on the notion that they present the right picture, for that room. And of course it depends on the skill and effectiveness of the designer creating the ensemble.

We found some vividly established trends, across all segments.

Perhaps the biggest trend is the use of gold, bronze and brass - a vague assimilation of symbiont metallics that is best described as alchemical, or surreal. Legs of chairs, vertical supports of shelving, Richness and class are direct results.

Dark and light - the usage of similar colours in two deeply contrasting tones.
A dark forest green and a lighter, almost desaturated pastel green.
Wine red/burgundy and light pink.
Deep rust/terracotta and a subtle peach.
Royal blue and the baby blue off-tone.

These need not exist together; the colour palette has expanded such that they are seldom used in concert. More often, the darks are used together, as are the pastels. This evens out the context of presentation, in say, for example, a dining space with chairs of multiple colour tones. One thing to note though - the darks work best with single tone upholstery, especially velvet.

These tones are being used in upholstery, laminates, paints on walls and cabinetry, carpets, drapes, wallpaper. They go well with metallics.

Bronze-gold, high gloss black chrome and warm grey metallics are accents that are used for legs of tables and cabinets, small panels, taps, handles and small decorative elements. They are required to add a luxe quality to any ambience.

Warm grey and blue remain primary base colours, and are used on core surfaces - walls, ceiling and floor - setting the stage for class and style easily. Blue, golden yellow and even red maintain relevance, as product differentiators.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Milan Design Week 2018 Report: Day 2 and Day 3

There's so much happening at the Milan Design Week that we have covered both Day 2 and Day 3 in this article. We've been touring around different brands, exhibitions, and art installations and here are some trends and new designs that caught our attention.

Day 2
Easily seen is the technology driving new innovation in furniture. Sofas with 360 degrees movement, seen in Koinor's new design 360° sofa, it moves to whichever angle you want. Each seat can be adjusted to any angle and allows you to relax in a comfortable posture with adjustable headrest and footrest. The coffee tables are no longer fixed, they open out when you need them, with a single touch.

From living, you will see new technology entering dining space. Inspired by the tech culture, the new Lab dining table by Calligaris extends with a touch of a button. It keeps the legs on the perimeter for maximum comfort. The table contains experience, craftsmanship, and the latest technologies of living. Lab is equipped with safety control system and a rechargeable battery that guarantees long life.

This year when it comes key trending materials brass tones and natural woods in contemporary forms mark a strong new trend. Brass tones were also seen in Molteni&C's cabinetry. The secondary trending materials include glass, metal, and stone on tables across most brands. Marble seems to be disappearing in this year's collection.

Velvets in different tones have surfaced as the defining upholstery material of the year.

This year the walls have caught our extra attention with intense colour schemes in kitchens, bathrooms, living.

Day 3
This year transformation, motion/movement, and flow seem to be the primary ideology behind the cutting-edge designs. One of the noteworthy mentions is the Blossom table by A. Casati. Parts of the table open up like curtain bringing surprise as an emotion at the very heart of the design. Movement is also very clear in Calligaris' table and the coffee table we mentioned earlier.

Our visit to Salone Satellite was quite interesting with young designers having recognised and won the Red Dot award. Natalia Wieteska's Brinkk sideboard is a storage solution inspired by the sculptural forms of contemporary architecture. The seemingly gravity-defying, monolithic, block of timber with its incision is an exercise in precision and perspective. The full collection consists of a range of sideboards and bookshelves which use this approach as inspiration. This product has won the Red Dot Award for Design Concept. Cecilia Xinyu Zhang is another young designer whose works - The Fifth D Clock and Equant Suspension are worth mentioning as well.

When it comes to bathrooms, Cleanet Riva shower toilet is something new with the sensor based washer. A design by Laufen.

Another exciting design was the Dornbracht’s “Aquamoon,” created in collaboration with designer Michael Neumayr. It consists of the four different shower rays, which in combination with the different light scenarios make showering an experience for all the senses.

Keep watching this space for more. As we cover trending colours in our next article.

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The Design Manifesto - Milan Design Week, Day 1

Good design is the product of reason. This simplified notion is at the root of the attitude driving the spurt of new design at the Milan Furniture Fair this year.

The design community seems to have come out in force to make a statement that new ideas are the way to go, despite the changing geopolitical landscape across the globe. For over 50 years, iSaloni Milano has always been the birthplace of design and innovation in interiors and furniture. This year, we see numerous new materials, colours and concepts coming into vogue. While some of these have gained momentum from previous years, fashion trends have also entered mainstream interiors.

Most important though are the new design ideas that have risen from three things:

The past, a retro idiom of reinterpretation
Combination of pre-existing elements
Alternative materials being used
Manufacturers have integrated varied design philosophies and broken old rules.

‘Emotion’ is the core of the Milan manifesto this year. This is relevant at a time when much of the world is facing a demographic shift, and people from all over connect at will. Emotion is at the heart of the changing nature of furniture and that remains the basis of great design.

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What To Expect At The Milan Design Week 2018

The birthplace of trend setting furniture, a perfect milieu for design enthusiasts, an inspiration for architect's next design, Salone del Mobile 2018 also known as Milan Design Week is fast approaching. And we are excited to share what you can expect at the world's biggest furniture event.

The 57th edition of the fair for the first time in history will have a Manifesto. The Manifesto dictates calling for the city and the design industry to promote innovation and sustainability at this year's event. It is a declaration of intent geared to channelling the forces in Milan to work together to preserve the leadership role of both the city and the trade fair. The Manifesto calls for architects, designers, and brands to pay attention to the circular economy, respect Milan's architectural development, encourage sharing of ideas, and champion the work of young designers. The eight pivotal points Emotion, Enterprise, Quality, Design, Networking, Young people, Communication, Culture, and Milan At the Center are the cornerstones of the Manifesto and are not aimed at upsetting the foundations of the system. These values promote its virtuous action by imposing the lovemark Salone as an effective experience that works better and better than others.

This year the five exhibitions will be held concurrently from Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd April at Fiera Milano, Rho. Salone Internazionale del Mobile and International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition – split into 3 style categories: Classic: Tradition in the Future, Design and xLUX – will be joined by the biennial EuroCucina – plus its collateral event FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) – and International Bathroom Exhibition, as well as SaloneSatellite.

International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

In its 29th edition, this exhibition is split into the three categories: Classic, Design and xLux. Classic: Tradition in the Future, draws on the values of tradition, craftsmanship and skill in the art of making furniture and objects in the classic style; Design, products that speak of functionality, innovation and boast a great sense of style and xLux, the section devoted to timeless luxury re-read in a contemporary key.  The Design category is the most robust, with more than 800 exhibitors unveiling the latest in bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways and furniture, among many other things. xLux and Classic, meanwhile, have 218 and 270 exhibitors.

Image Credits: iSaloni

Eurocucina 2018

The most influential names in kitchen design converge at Eurocucina, a forum geared toward all things high-end. Now in its 22nd year, the event, which has 111 exhibitors, will unveil the future organization and evolution of the most strategic environment of our house, increasingly ‘fluid, orderly and professional’. The event displays prototypes, models and appliances, explores the evolution of where we eat, what we eat and how we eat. The opening out into the living room is an established trend with modular containers and concealed work stations that appear only when home chefs need them. Materials and finishes: natural stone and coverings that replicate it, as well as wood and metal, are back. Colours reappear, also in very bright hues like purple and green.
This year, Eurocucina and its accompaniment, the tech-geared FTK: Technology for the Kitchen will showcase built-in appliances that are increasingly connected and integrated. Smart Kitchens require efficiency, sustainability, consumption control, safety and ease of use, as well as entertainment. There will be also innovative in-home solar panels and ideas for water management in the kitchen. You can expect to find modular additions, islands and items that can transform a kitchen from workspace to theatre.

Image Credits: iSaloni

International Bathroom Exhibition 2018

Once a strictly utilitarian zone, the modern bathroom has evolved to become a space of wellness and relaxation – and it’s becoming increasingly eco-conscious and digitally savvy. Expect to find ethically responsible products here, ranging from sanitary anti-bacterial surfaces, sustainable materials and digital tools aimed at reducing water and energy use. The exhibition will host 228 booths.

SaloneSatellite 2018

Tomorrow’s design stars seen today, an event that focuses exclusively on the work of young designers. Around 650 designers from the world’s leading design schools will be participating in the event. The focus will be on combining heritage with contemporary design. This year the theme assigned to the selected talents is “Africa/Latin America: Rising Design – Emerging Design”. The intention is to bring popular design into the limelight and point out what is on offer today or what we can expect to see in the near future in terms of solutions to social and environmental emergencies and an informed future lifestyle.

Living Nature

A pavilion developed by Ratti’s design and innovation studio, Carlo Ratti Associati. As visitors enter the five-metre-high, 500-square-metre installation, they will traverse side-by-side climactic microcosms emulating each of the four seasons. The pavilion is made of a crystal membrane with light-reactive sensors, while its roof is outfitted with solar cells, which generate the energy required to heat the pavilion. Living Nature.  is designed to explore  whether  or  not  a  space,  urban  or domestic,  can  become  more  human-friendly through the sustainable use of natural resources.


During the Fuorisalone, many locations often become a co -protagonist of the event. Many important brands located in the design districts introduce their new collections and host special events with live music and entertainment. Although the events are usually scattered throughout the city, the Fuorisalone recognizes a series of main districts, namely Porta Venezia, San Babila, Tortona, Ventura Centrale District, Brera Design District, Isola Design District, The 5 Vie, Sant’Ambrogio or San Gregorio, Triennale.

This is the basis of what you can expect from the Milan Design Week. The fair gives one a perfect opportunity to get to know the city and to discover the latest news and trends of International Design. Simply Sofas is covering the event live so you can get the insights into the latest world of design as it happens. Better more, an inspiration for your next interior project.

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How to Bring Indoor Comfort to Outdoor Living

Summer time is when we invite many outdoor activities. You may fancy a roof top restaurant you saw somewhere or an open air pub or a gig. But, you can enjoy the same entertainment at your home by taking the amusement to your backyard, balcony or patio. It is easy to do it in style and comfort with the right outdoor furniture. Our finest collection of outdoor furniture will fulfil all your Al fresco fete.

Arianne Garden

Arianne Garden by Fama is one such piece that matches your needs if you are looking for a weather resistant and low maintenance product. The fabric is waterproof with a polyethylene base. The modular system allows it to be placed together, individually or creating different shapes to adapt to your needs. The back folds down to create a table and at the same time encases the cushions so that they are protected from all weather conditions, family pets, and the like. The base is available in seven colours. Inspired by nature, this sofa offers great comfort and versatility.


If you're thinking of putting up a dining show in your backyard garden space or in your spacious balcony, we have a wide range of dining tables, coffee tables, and chairs to spruce the setting. There are few tables we like to mention, both functional and flexible. TheDuck by Bonaldo is a coffee table with a duck-like base, making the ideal piece for an outdoor setting. Matrioska by Tonin Casa is an unconventional coffee table with storage units. Other worthy mentions include Tonin Casa's Amira, Bonaldo's Planet, Orion, Kadou coffee and Assemblage.

Outdoor furniture by Calligaris

When it comes to chairs, we look for only one aspect – comfort. Bonaldo's Eddy chair designed by Alain Gilles and Swing rocking chair are a recreation of rocking grandpa/grandma chair as most people call it. If you have a brighter side to your personality, we are quite sure you prefer colourful furniture. Our wide range of outdoor chairs that can be used in living and dining as well are durable and do not require maintenance. Some of the worthy mentions include Calligaris' Ice, Hero, Area 51, Wien, Bonaldo's Birba, Pebble pouf, Tonin Casa's Batik stool, Aria, Hole, Sorbona, Zar.

Outdoor chairs by Calligaris

If you are not the chair type and prefer a classic style bench, our Becker bench will do the trick. The most surprising thing about this piece is that it swings or rocks (however you want to call it). We also have a dining set that goes along with the bench set up. Classy and trendy.

The Becker outdoor bench

And of course, summer is the apt time for rooftop, parties, lounging by the pool, entertaining friends, and BBQ's. Tonin Casa's KOS and IOS are the perfect additions to your pool side set up or garden setting. Both these tables have a storage unit for drinks and have the option of LED lighting for the base which makes a one-of-a-kind.

KOS by Tonin Casa

For cocktail, mocktail parties, Bordbar's bar cabinets are quite essential and useful for your liquid retreats. You can not only store bottles, but keep them chilled.

Bar cabinets by Bordbar

You may have many ideas for your dream patio or backyard soirĂ©e and we have a plethora of outdoor furniture options to customise and fulfil your summer dream ecstasy. So you can sit back and enjoy the moment till the summer lasts. 

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