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The Most Iconic Furniture in Film and TV

Set design plays a huge part in creating the look and atmosphere of a film or TV show. Sometimes, the furniture takes a background role, visually reinforcing the mood or the character's personalities. In some cases, the furniture lends itself to more profound roles, like a character’s sudden realisation or transformation. And in other cases, we see how interior design is used to enhance the action or mood of a scene or character. One way or the other, furniture shapes the atmosphere and characters in the film and shows. Here are some most iconic pieces of furniture in television and film history.

Sheldon's spot in The Big Bang Theory
The main character in the sitcom, Sheldon loves to sit on the left hand side of a simple brown leather sofa. It was bought for $100 and is a central theme to various episodes in the series. Sheldon perfectly describes his 'favourite' spot in the pilot episode. There's nothing special about the design but it does tie the room together harmoniously.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Television
Central Perk's couch in F.r.i.e.n.d.s
Running for 10 seasons from 1994 to 2004, Friends became one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.  The orange coloured mohair sofa was a seat in the coffee shop where the characters in the show made it as their meeting point. It fits the decor of the Central Perk perfectly. In 2011 the couch was put up for an auction where it was expected to sell between $4,000 and $6,000. The final selling price remains a mystery.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Television

The gag couch in The Simpsons

One can easily say it is the most famous sofa in TV history. The longest running animated TV show, which across 29 seasons has a couch gag running just before the opening credits. Today the sofa is so iconic; it appears in every episode without fail. The gags in the opening titles have a satirical tone, with the whole clan rushing to make it to the simple brown couch in time to watch TV. Who would have ever thought that a cartoon could powerfully change the way we feel about our sofas?

Image Credits: 20th Century Fox Television

Oprah's couch in The Oprah Winfrey Show

The popular talk hosted by Oprah Winfrey was started in 1984 till 2011 and penetrated into the American pop-cultural consciousness. She was snagging an estimated 7.4 million viewers an episode. The cream-coloured sofa got its popularity when the actor Tom Cruise jumped on the sofa out of joy when he declares his love for Katie Holmes.

Image Credits: Harpo Productions, King World Productions, CBS Television Distribution

Martin's chair - Frasier

In the hit TV show, Frasier Crane has his designer furniture beautifully complementing his flawlessly decorated apartment until his father Martin moves in with his green striped Barcalounger. In spite of owning an Eames recliner with an ottoman, his father refuses to give up the chair which suggests that it was a comfortable piece of furniture.

Image Credits: Paramount Television

Ovalia Egg Chair - Men In Black

Designed by the Danish industrial designer Henrik Thor-Larsen, the Ovalia Egg Chair made its debut in the 1960s at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair. It featured in the films Men in Black and Men in Black II. The feeling of encapsulation makes egg chairs incredibly comfortable to sit back and relax in. These striking chairs gave everyone a glimpse of what futuristic furniture could look like.

Image Credits: Columbia Pictures

The Emperor's Throne - Star Wars 

The Imperial Throne held by Emperor Palpatine in the original Star Wars trilogy is one of the most iconic furniture in science fiction. The throne was the ceremonial chair utilized by the leader of the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Emperor. In large part because of its occupant, Emperor Palpatine, wearing plain robes and a cowl, the throne's design was primarily simple, consisting solely of a swivel-mount contour chair. On its armrests are control keys for enabling communications to Imperial officers, as well as the activation of a personal shield generator and a Royal Guard summoner. The throne captures the character perfectly and in the best possible way.

Image Credits: 20th Century Fox

The Iron Throne - Game of Thrones
In the popular TV show, hundreds and thousands of swords were bent in such a way to create that beautiful masterpiece - a throne. The iron throne is forged from over thousand swords that were melted down by the fiery breath of the dragon, Balerion the black dread.  The swords were surrendered by the defeated enemies of the first king, Aegon the Conqueror. The symbolism of the throne is far deeper. Made of steel and swords, it’s a bold statement that evokes power and strength.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Television

The Ruby Armchair - The Matrix 

The red leather chesterfield armchair in the sci-fi film The Matrix is immortalised. The chair adds assertiveness to the character of Morpheus and makes Neo suggestible by falling for this offer. The chair really gives Morpheus an air of sophistication as he sits back and imparts his wisdom to Neo. Not only is it a great looking chair, it also looks very comfortable to sit in. Most of the iconic scenes in the film take place from this armchair.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. 

Blofed's leather chair - You Only Live Twice (James Bond film)
The famous leather swivel chair used by villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James bond films also goes into the list of the most famous chairs. In the film, You Only Live Twice (1967), the villain sits with his white cat on the 6250 chair launched by the very British company G Plan in 1962. The swivel idea was borrowed from the very best offices in the 60’s, adding the appeal of rocking and the sheer convenience of gliding. The original chair from the Bond film set was sold in Julien's auctions for $16,000 in 2014. To mark the 60th birthday of G Plan, the brand reintroduced the iconic armchair and called it 'The Sixty Two', which was made with the latest materials and techniques so that it captures that same level of quality and comfort the original was renowned for.

Image Credits: United Artists

The Bench - Forrest Gump
Based on a book, the Academy Award-winning movie Forrest Gump has the main character sitting on the bench next to a stranger and narrating his story.  Today you may find a replica of the original bench in Chippewa Square in Savannah, Georgia so you can click pictures posing on it, but the original bench used in the movie has since been placed in the Savannah History Museum.

Bocca Lips Sofa - Austin Powers
Would you say it is one of the loudest piece of designer furniture ever made? Perhaps it could make a bold statement or add a groovy, humorous twist to a contemporary style home. Inspired by Salvador Dali’s Mae West lips sofa, designed in 1936, the Bocca Sofa has been recreated in many forms over the years including Marilyn Monroe’s lips. Studio 65 Architects designed this masterpiece for Gufram which became a part of the pop culture when the sofa made its first appearance in the movie Austin Powers. Today, Bocca is among the most sought-after, loved, and imitated products of home furniture.

Image Credits: New Line Cinema

Claw-foot bathtub sofa - Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s furniture and decor set design is still fresh in our minds and the film has taken a rightful place in history as a true cultural classic. The unusual claw-foot half bathtub sofa which takes pride of place in Holly Golightly’s (main character) living room is cushioned with pops of colour in the otherwise neutral apartment which acts as a beautiful backdrop to the action and costumes. These pops of colour also symbolise her enigmatic and eccentric personality.

Image Credits: Paramount Pictures

Captain's chair - Star Trek
Star Trek remains one of the most legendary science fiction franchises of the last century. Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s chair from the original “Star Trek” series is reserved for the commanding officer of the Enterprise. The chair itself has become so powerful in its implications, using the term ‘the chair’ has come to mean not just the acting authority, but all the responsibilities that come with commanding a Starfleet vessel. Many a scene took place which saw Kirk giving Chekov and Sulu commands from the chair while arguing with Mr. Spock. The chair itself was a very boxlike shape with a cutaway for the seating area. This was then padded with leather. In 2002, the chair from the original series was auctioned for $304,000 and then displayed at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle.

Image Credits: Paramount Pictures

Womb Chair from Down With Love 

In the film, not one, but two pale pink womb chairs were found in the character Barbara Novak’s home. The scene where she’s on the pink phone, wearing that midriff-baring shirt and shorts along with these two chairs in her fine 60s apartment, teams with great choices of decor and furniture. Eero Saarinen designed the chair in 1948 in response to Florence Knoll’s request to create a chair to “curl up in”. This mid-century classic supports countless positions and offers a comforting oasis of calm—hence the name.

Image Credits: 20th Century Fox

Eames lounge chair - House M.D.
The Eames lounge chair is the most popular furniture and which has become an icon of modern design and is easily found in many films and TV shows. The recliner is designed by the American Modernist designers Charles and Ray Eames. In House M.D., the character is seen sitting on this chair with his legs on the ottoman and thinking pensively. Dr House gets clues to solve some of the rare medical conditions when he is focused on his chair. The recliner is in a fabric cream colour and not the usual leather we see.

Image Credits: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Barcelona Chair from Casino Royale
The famous chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 for the International Exposition held that year in Barcelona. Started out as a luxurious object fit more for monarchs, the chair soon was in demand and aspired the most fashionable architects and captains of industry. Knoll took the production of this chair and today has a wide range of these chairs as well as other modifications. James Bond (Daniel Craig) sits in a Barcelona chair as he awaits the return of M (Dame Judi Dench) after breaking into her apartment in Casino Royale (2006). He stays seated as she tears into him; the lack of arms on this chair allows us to see him as vulnerable. One of the most recognized objects of the last century, and an icon of the modern movement, the Barcelona chair exudes a simple elegance that epitomizes Mies van der Rohe's most famous maxim–“less is more.” Each Barcelona piece is a tribute to the marriage of modern design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Image Credits: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures

Other popular furniture seen in TV shows and films include - Jerry's couch in Seinfeld, The Foreman's Basement Couch in That '70s Show, The Wicker Couch in Golden Girls, Tulip Chair from Star Trek, Ox Chair from Austin Powers, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair in Zoolander.

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Two Reasons To Visit Simply Sofas Now

Some secrets are so good to keep, just like our 'So Good Sale'. But, secrets are hard to keep, eh? This is a perfect excuse for you to visit our showroom because where else will you get the world's best furniture from the top European brands for such a good price?  (Up to 30% off)

Our sofas are chic, classy, and contemporary and are from the most renowned European brands in Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, and The Netherlands. You have a world of options with over 2,000 shades of leather and over 400 colours of fabric to choose from. The range includes sofa set with variant configurations (two seater + 1 seater + one seater or three seater + one seater), sectional sofas (in L-shape, U-shape or J-shape), chaise lounge, loveseats, and sofa beds. Some of our iconic models have won prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award. Our sofas are anything but ordinary. Keeping in mind the ergonomics and functionality - our sofas have adjustable headrest, armrest, and footrest; they recline, swirl, rock, they come with built-in USB charger, an inbuilt sound system with Bluetooth, cup holders, storage space for cushions or TV remote control.

Our second extensive collections are dining tables and chairs. The dining table collection includes the award-winning designs, extensible tables, available in varied shapes and sizes, with wide options of top and base materials to choose from. Chairs range from indoor to outdoor and are available in every colour under the sun.

Besides, our collection comprises of recliners, home theater seating, study or office chairs, cabinets, side tables, centre tables, coffee tables, carpets, accents, crystal ware, mattress, beds, foot massagers, massage chairs, lamps, mirrors, vases, clocks, and more.

To make our customers feel good and get a better experience, we have recently perked up our Mission Road showroom in Bangalore (flagship store). From the arts on the walls to the colourful chair installation like the ones you will see at a Milan Furniture Fair in Italy, to a patio with a bunch of exceptional outdoor furniture; the showroom is anything, but kitsch. Recently, the held their 'Open Houzz' event at the flagship store in Bangalore and the visitors were more than amazed with our extensive collection of approximately 1000 products and the overall experience spread across the 30,000 sq ft showroom.

We can go on and on, but unless you drop into our stores and experience the furniture in person you can never really judge or tell how our furniture feels like. So, consider this as our personal invite. 

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Things You Must Know Before Buying a Recliner

Most of us have an idea of what a perfect recliner should be. Some of us want to come back from work and sink into our recliners and enjoy the warmth and cosiness which will put all our worries away. For some, it is a pivotal part of our lives and we like to do a thing or a two, be it watching TV with a bag of french fries or reading a novel. But, if we may never bother about the spills, the cuts, and the brunt they bear over the years, we may never get them to comfort us at the end of a long, hard day. For those who are looking for a new recliner and for those who need help on deciding what recliner to buy, here's a helpful guide to buy the perfect recliner.

Will it fit in the space you have? 
Measure the floor space allocated for the recliner as well as the width, height, and depth of the recliner before you make a purchase. Some recliners need at least three feet of space behind them to fully recline, while others take less space unless they are wall recliners. Keep in mind to take the measurement of the recliner when it is in its reclining position as well. If the recliner comes with an ottoman, reconsider the floor space needed and allot some space between the recliner and the ottoman.

What's your style?
Choose the colour, pattern, and style you want for your decor. These three aspects will narrow down your preferences for buying the recliner. Keep the overall decor style that you are trying to achieve in mind when choosing a recliner. Click pictures of your interiors and decide which style would work best along with seating needs. Stressless recliners come in a wide range of colours and styles; you can take a look at some of our recliners here.

What type are you?
Recliners don't stop at colours, patterns, and style, there's functionality too. Oversized recliners, power recliners, wall recliners, lift chair, massage recliners are some of the types. Oversized recliners are perfect for large spaces or for TV or game rooms. Power recliners adjust to a comfortable posture at the touch of a button and recline at any angle you please. Wall-saver recliners are designed mainly to provide a furniture solution for rooms with a limited amount of space. Unlike other recliners, lift chairs are equipped with a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the chair up from its base to support the person (mainly for elderly people) to rise from a seated position. Massage chairs have a mechanical massage feature that supports lumbar regions and relieves aches and back pain. Decide who will be using the recliner most in your family and then ponder on which suits your circumstance the best.

What makes it better?
All the features depend on what you want or expect from your recliner. To get most of your reclining experience there are features that include rocking or gliding base just like Fama Moon recliner, massage chair, swivel base like Fama Kim,  reclining all the way to a flat position like Koinor Signo, built-in USB charger, inbuilt sound system with Bluetooth, cup holders, adjustable headrest, adjustable armrest,  and adjoining ottoman. All these features add to the experience so you can relax in infinite positions for ultimate comfort. One such is the Stressless glide system which automatically adjusts to your body weight, with no buttons or levers to pull.

How do you want it covered?
The main factors to consider while choosing upholstery is whether the material you choose matches your needs in terms of aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and durability. So go ahead and choose a fabric or a leather recliner as the upholstery options are based on personal preferences and depend on your lifestyle. For leather, Stressless and Koinor have a wide array of options and for Fabric, Fama has wide options in beautiful colours, patterns and sizes. Consider Stressless, they use only genuine top-grain leather and high-quality fabrics to cover the front and the back of the recliners.

Can it withstand the test of time?
One of the biggest factors that go into the durability and price is the frame. The frame is what supports you and the other elements of the piece. The joints are the primary areas of stress on the recliner, if these are robust and can stand the test of time your recliner will last longer. The support construction is another important aspect which determines the comfort levels and durability. Other things to look for include heavy screws, quiet motors, and user-friendly buttons or levers. For example: Stressless recliner has flexo springs on a steel frame that ensures durable construction and strength. Also the perforated foam, moulded directly over the frame, gives you improved seating comfort since the indentations allows you to sink deeper into the seat and back of the recliner.

Is it comfortable?
Recliners are like shoes, looks are essential, but the right fit and comfort is the key. Is it always recommended to test the recliner before buying one. When testing, make sure to sit on it as long as you need. Your feet should touch the floor when the seat back is upright and the headrest should support the head and the neck. The thickness of the cushioning and higher foam density will ensure that it keeps its shape longer. If you do like a recliner but it isn't the right fit don't be let down, Stressless recliners come in three sizes: small, medium, and large which makes it easier for you to find the right fit. Also, if you are tall you will need an oversized recliner or a recliner that comes with a stationary ottoman. This will let you position the ottoman exactly where it needs to be to take the pressure off the backs of your legs. So sit on it, try the levers or buttons, take a spin, and see how you feel. Be your own judge, and check if the size is just right for you. Testing the type of recliner gives you an idea of how it feels when it will rest in your living space.

With today's recliner market, the choices are many but to find the one you love is quite a journey. We hope this guide will help you narrow down your selection process. We wish you good luck in finding the perfect recliner to suit your taste and décor; and if you ever want to know where to buy them there's always a Simply Sofas store where you can drop in and experience and take home the recliner you best love.

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An Open Houzz at Simply Sofas—a global platform for homeowners, architects, and designers to connect and share ideas—partnered with us to host an Open Houzz event at our showroom in Bangalore. Prominent architects, photographers, and interior designers gathered for a great evening of insights into design and artistic techniques.

The evening began with a flourish as the guests entered our recently renovated showroom. As the clock struck seven, the Houzz team introduced and described how designers can use it to connect with potential clients. Shamanth Patil, who specialises in architectural and interior photography, gave a talk on the importance of photography in capturing architecture. He also spoke about photographic techniques that architects can use to bring out the use of space, design, and colour. This included a focus on the important aspects of interior photography: composition, lighting and exposure, and post production.

With a glass of wine in their hands, the guests made their way across our showroom and explored our latest Milan furniture collection. Of particular note was the Calligaris Omnia, a dining table which effortlessly transforms from a six-seater to an eight-seater.

We found the opportunity to speak with one of the guests, also a prominent interior designer, who said, “We have widely used furniture from Simply Sofas for our clients, and most of the furniture in my parents’ house is from Simply Sofas”. Wine and cheese were served as the guests comfortably settled in our sofas to engage in friendly chatter.

Check out the entire album here

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Interior Design Trends for 2017-18

Just like we promised in our earlier post, we are back with a report on what's trending from the Milan Design Week 2017 that will continue to be big in interiors through the year and the following year.
This year one would've witnessed a veritable explosion of colours, materials and patterns at the fair. It was a real challenge to pinpoint what's more trending than the other, but that did not stop us from getting on to analyse the widely trending colours and materials for the year ahead.

Green kept low profile last year, but occupies a larger quotient when it came to top trending colours this year.  Staying true to the Patone colour of the year, green in shades of olive, forest, deep sea and natural can be seen on walls and panelling, bases, while olive remains as an accent colour.

Last year's big new colour, warm grey continues to be seen in paints, leather, wood, plastics, wallpaper. The hue in tones of olive and rust makes an understated appearance.

A fusion of colours

The Oscar's red carpet trending fashion colour, scarlet made an entry to the furniture world in a minimalist way through terracotta, red wine and solar overtones.

Blue is back and was found on just about everything. It remains as a favourite tonal palette for contemporary interiors.

Pink has paved its way into interiors through blush pastel tones. A refreshing, motivating and pleasant hue, pink adds a touch of femininity, romanticism, and class to the interiors.

Seen in the fashion world and at the academy awards, Metallics make a huge impact in interiors as well. It is quite clear that we are moving away from the softer, more muted tones to a radiant, stronger gold that brings richness to the home. Inject these golden tones into your home through carefully placed ornaments and accessories.

There's a huge shift from wood to marble and ceramic. Marbled tones in white, brown and mottled grey ceramic are stronger than ever, and are being used, with marble itself - sculptural and elegant with metal insertions and trims, in tabletops large and small.

Marble and Ceramics
 Monochrome aka black and white have set in breaking the monotony of single tones. You will see them in fabrics, glazed products, upholstery, wallpaper, cabinetry.

Stripes and geometric patterns that emerged last year are here to stay this year too. You will see these patterns dominant in upholstery, wallpaper, tiles, metal and wood surfaces.

Organic  floral designs make their debut, which is seen on walls, cabinets, and woven carpets.

Geometric and floral

If you want to dip your toes in the trends go for these colours and materials and create a confident, composed and comfortable feeling to your space. Ask your architects and designers for the latest and we're sure they will enjoy using these colours and materials in their projects and bring the connection of pleasurable sunny days and the breathing fresh mountain air to make homes look beautiful.

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What to Expect at Salone del Mobile 2017

The week-long and the world’s biggest design event – Salone del Mobile 2017 kicks off from April 4 to 9 making Milan city the busiest place on earth. It’s a global platform where design enthusiast, architects and designers swarm to the Rho fairgrounds to seek what’s new and trending with an impending goal to use the latest in décor. 

Here’s the breakdown of all the exhibits that will be happening at the 56th edition of the fair:

Salone Internazionale del Mobile Salone
The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

Alongside the main fair Salone del Mobile, there’s also Fuorisalone - which has its own set of events and exhibitions that animate the Milan city. The events include- Zona Tortona, Brera Design District, Ventura – Lambrate, Università Statale, Triennale Di Milano, S. Babila, Porta Venezia In Design and Rossana Orlandi. 

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

With more than 1,300 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors from over 165 different countries, featuring an extensive range of goods – from furnishing to lighting to the workspace. In this exhibition you can find everything about classic furniture and furnishing accessories. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is split into three sections: Classic, Design, and xLux. The latter is a section devoted to timeless luxury reworked in a contemporary vein. Classic, with an innovative format under the new name of Classic: Tradition in the future is comprised of more traditional aesthetics, while Design has an emphasis on innovation and product research. The successful Before Design: Classic project presented at the last edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, will also showcase a short film by multi-award winning director Matteo Garrone. The event - DeLightFuL, a portmanteau for Design, Light, Future, Living, offers a highly engaging visual and sensorial itinerary of everyday living and the contemporary space within which the new generation lives in. It investigates how they conceive the domestic space in terms of the intersection between technology and archetypal living, public and private, and basic needs and new desires. This year you can expect to see design heavyweights. 

56th edition of Milan Design Week

The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

Looking for home accessories trends? Be sure to stop by some of the 200 local and international exhibitors who will be showcasing their products while exploring recent trends in design - accessories, objects and textiles for the entire home. The accessories exhibition which is running for its 28th year, allows for an extra dimension to the furniture at the trade show. Textiles, clocks, mirrors, home wellness equipment and accessories, leather and coverings for furnishings, and other design objects abound at the show’s annual accessories fair. Manufacturers, like Mario Cioni, Molteni Home will be on display. 

Textiles and carpets seen at the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

Euroluce (Pavilions 9-11 and 13-15)

In its 29th edition, the biennial exhibitions Euroluce will showcase the very latest devices for outdoor, indoor and industrial lighting to lighting for shows and events, hospital lighting and special use lighting and light sources. This year Euroluce will put a particular focus on technological innovations. Emerging are eco-friendly materials and their relationship with lighting design will also be highly featured all with a particular focus on energy saving, environmental sustainability and light pollution. Euroluce provides a home for lighting under the larger Salone umbrella. 

Euroluce turns 29

Workplace3.0 (Pavilions 22-24)

The 18th edition of the biennial workplace3.0 looks to the future of office design with 110 companies exhibiting their products and ideas. An innovative exhibition area, it is devoted to design and technology in workspace planning. It showcases the finest products designed for procurement plans, reception areas and office spaces. It focuses on human factors and smart technology, it explores new ideas, ways of thinking, and solutions to the workplace of the future.  One of the most exciting aspects of the exhibition is its special event, ‘A Joyful Sense at Work’ which will look into the theory and design of the workplace with four installations. This stunning installation was curated by the architect Cristiana Cutrona. The title reflects that work will need to “make sense” of things and relationships, generate new quality of life, and deliver excitement and happiness. 

Workplace 3.0 - the biennial dedicated to workspace

SaloneSatellite (Pavilions 22-24)

The most important event in the design world for young designers, SaloneSatellite will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. This exhibition has focused on prototype works by emerging designers under 35. This year, at the fabbrica del vapore in milan, a major exhibition by an italian design critic, beppe finessi will further the birthday festivities titled ‘SALONESATELLITE. 20 years of new creativity’, the curation will present an anthology of products from the show’s past that have now gone into production.

20th anniversary of SaloneSatellite


The Space&Interiors event returns to the salone del mobile milano being the only event entirely centered on architectiral finishes. The Mall Porta Nuova, in the heart of Milan’s Brera Design District is the venue for this visually stunning showcase of top notch doors, handles, paint and decorating supplies, windows, wall coverings, finishes and interior architecture. Curated by migliore+servetto architects, the show highlights the sectors growing attraction and attention for designers and architects. The exhibit, ‘absolute lightness’, will presents how different manufacturers integrate the concept of weightlessness into their solutions.

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14 Types of Sofas You Should Know

Choosing a sofa does not limit to size, price, colour and material, the form and function of the sofa are equally important. In this guide we have explained 14 styles and their defining characteristics from arms to legs. Knowing these styles will help you appreciate great design, brush up on your design vocabulary and tell how different a chesterfield is from a tuxedo just like a pro. And if you're planning to buy one, it's always better to know the different styles so you can pick your favourite and know exactly what you're looking for. Here are 14 styles of sofas to choose from.

1. Sectional Sofa
The section sofa is a multi-piece sofa. It can be arranged in a number of configurations with many styles, designs and materials depending on your preference. The common configurations are L-shape, U-shape, J-shape and semi-circle. The number of pieces are generally three and five.

Suggested for: larger living rooms; great if you like to stretch out.

2. Chesterfield
The chesterfield sofa is known for its “quilted” or “tufted” style. Some have tufted design only at the back while some on seating section as well. It continues to be a popular style with current sofa trends.

Suggested for: most settings; an iconic design that can be dressed up or down;  a traditional look in the living room or study.

3. Lawson
Firmly stuffed with three back cushions, arms lower than back, the Lawson can either have rolled or square arms. It's often skirted. Designed for comfort, this style’s signature design element has a back which is not upright, but pitched at a very restful angle. A popular sofa design today, the Lawson style sofa is available in many sizes, colours and materials.

Suggested for: versatility – can suit a modern or trad scheme; low, boxy arms are great for napping.

4. Tuxedo
A Tuxedo can be recognised with its high straight arms in line with streamlined back, often with a single row of tufts and exposed legs. No back cushions.

Suggested for: making a style statement; sleek, contemporary interiors.

5. Mid-Century Modern 
From 1940 to 1970 mid-century modern furniture reigned supreme. This style of sofa is all about minimalist design and clean lines. There are many varieties of this style of sofa.  It’s designed to look good and be comfortable.

Suggested for: the design-conscious; a retro or Scandinavian-inspired look, style-conscious apartments and young couples.

6. English Roll Arms
This style of sofa is also called Bridgewater and is known for its low rolled arms in relation to a high back. Upholstery is tight throughout, yet cushioned all over, including the arms.

Suggested for: both style and comfort.

7. Camel back
A classic design this sofa style’s main design feature is a higher back in the centre which descends in a continuous line into the arms of the sofa. It is also recognized for its exposed wooden trim.

Suggested for: those who like a firmer back support; suits a more traditional setting.

8. Cabriole
This sofa style’s trademark design element is its continuous, equal-height back and arms.  Often the arms curve inwards, creating a long line from arm to arm.

Suggested for: smaller living rooms; firm seats are ideal for those needing additional support.

9. Chaise Lounge
A Chaise is a long chair where you can stretch your legs without the use of an ottoman. The back is usually at a semi-reclining angle. A Chaise Longue is also known as 'Chaise Lounge' in North America. Chaise lounges may have an arm while others may have none.  It is extremely popular as a patio furniture typically found along pool sides.

Suggested for: personal space, stretching legs.

10. Loveseat Sofas
The loveseat sofa is an umbrella term for a sofa made for two people. They’re often part of a living room set. Like sofas, loveseats come in many styles and designs such as camelback, cabriole, and the like. The early designs (1800s) of loveseats were not intended to be cosy but rather to accommodate the large dresses worn by ladies of the period.

Suggested for: couples; can be handy if space is tight.

11. Divan
A divan is a sofa without a back. They require being placed against a bare wall against which you can arrange pillows for a cushioned back.

Suggested for: families, relaxing, and living rooms.

12. Sofa bed
 A sofa that doesn't look like a sofa bed but can be converted into a bed. The functional aspect of it includes that it serves as a space saver.

Suggested for: families; space saving; plump cushions and padded arms make it comfy for relaxing.

 13. Knole
 Its distinguished features are straight high back with adjustable arms which can be opened out for naps. The seating has a considerable depth and was used as a throne by royal families.

Suggested for: traditional schemes; its lofty proportions are ideal for larger spaces.

14. Modular sofas
 As opposed to sectional sofas, these are so named because you can take apart the different sections and reattach them into different shapes according to your taste and function.

Suggested for: socialising; works well in larger open-plan living spaces, and entertaining spaces.

Colours that will be widely used in decor in 2017

Colour, being the holistic part of the home decor necessitates us to keep a pulse on the latest trending colours. Since we’re a couple of months into the year, a pattern for what trends are going to be in and what interior looks are going to be popular have started to emerge.

From Marsala in 2015 and the Rose Quartz-Serenity combo in 2016, Pantone looked to nature for its 2017 trending Colour of the Year, Greenery it is. Drifting towards its obvious connection with nature, the colour has sprung with a hope to bring the regenerating, refreshing, revitalizing, and renewing atmosphere to your decor space. At IMM Cologne 2017, the first interior fair which took place for the year, green was the dominating trend theme in interior design. It made its way big into homes starting from the walls to the carpets. Another leading trade show for the global community of interior designers - Maison et Objet, showcased how green came through quite strong making it certain that this hue is here to stay.

As opposed to colour trend forecast from the Pantone, in the fashion world, you’ll see a shift towards bright and active colours not only in few countries but globally. Leading the charge are Niagara, Primrose Yellow and Lapis Blue, followed by Flame and Island Paradise. Ranking sixth through tenth are Pale Dogwood, Greenery, Pink Yarrow, Kale and Hazelnut. As always what we see in the fashion week around the world is replicated and set to drive design trends in home décor, just like how Pantone picks the colour trends from its fashion colour report.

Contemplating on the Pantone colour of the year, green reflects the current cultural climate. The colour has already started influencing trends in all facets of design—architecture, interior décor, fashion, and even food.

Other trending colours at the two important events that took place during this year are as follows: At Cologne, other emerging colours after green include grey, white, blue, pastel, red, and pink. On the contrary at Maison et Objet, black was everywhere and a strong influence on furniture for 2017. Possibilities of mixing black with any other colour are endless and the effect is always as good as it should be. Other hues include Denim Drift, Indigo, Charcoal, Mocha and Metallics.

Here are the colours you’ll most likely see in the year ahead.

Green: Now that we know green is the Patone colour of the year, get ready to take the plunge and add ‘Greenery’ to your home. This hue works well throughout the home whether it's a wall colour or a room-filling carpet. If you're not too keen on using green in large doses, think about adding it in smaller, quieter ways, by placing a green sofa or through a decorative element such as pillows, curtains, light fixtures and other accessories. The palette lends an outdoor quality to interior spaces, giving them an indoor-outdoor connection. At the very least you can bring in plants into your space, and say you are on trend. Embrace this colour to your homes by mixing and matching and at the end of it you’ll have a vibrant, relaxing oasis or an energising happy space within your four walls. Other shades of green with which you can explore, experiment and reinvent include- kale, tangy yellow-green, olive green, deep emerald green, apple green or grass-toned colour.

Grey was a prominent colour in 2016 interiors and it will continue to reign in 2017 with different tones from light to deep. This year you will see grey with different names – soft grey, mineral grey, poised taupe. A timeless, calm and composed colour it creates a clean, crisp look. The best way to highlight traditional style and accentuate it is to paint your interiors with a rich shade of dark grey. It complements the tones of wood and ebony highlighting what you want to show off the most. Grey can also be paired with blues or blacks to bring a strong, industrial character or pastels for a more subtle feel. Pair this colour with darker shades or instead brighter accents as well – think deep ebony, coral, greenery or vibrant red. Combine it with different furniture pieces like a sofa or a rug to bring a touch of sobriety and even class to the room decoration. Taupe and earthy green can be used to create a calming earthy feel to your home. The colours are great when combined with furniture making it look traditional and elegant at the same time.

With Violets brighter colours make a return into the living spaces for the year. The great thing about such a sickly-sweet violet shade is that you don’t need too much of it for it to make an impact and you can add lilac to your home in the form of accessories like vases, cushions and candles to create the desired effect. Popular variations include violet, wine and true purple. It's a moody purple yet much lighter in value – in line with the growing presence of lilac across interiors –, and again there is a focus on duality in this colour: it has a nostalgic, spiritual side while also being luxurious and contemporary; it brings together masculine and feminine, warm and cold.

Yellow in shades of sunshine yellow, honey yellow, dusted yellow, daffodils, dandelions, and sunflower tones are about to make a big comeback. Yellows brighten up homes, so start introducing it in the living space with accessories. Bright accent pieces in colours like a soft yellow console help energize spaces with dull muted walls. Go for everything from mustard tones to zesty lemon shades, to introduce a little sunshine back to your life. Bright colours are combined with neutrals and dark hues to create an elegant space, try a yellow sofa and it will lighten up your living room. If you think that this colour is too strong to be used on a large design piece, you can always choose a smaller one to complete the room decoration.

Blue doesn't have to be a bad thing. Dusky blue, intends to recall the colours and depth of the ocean and is a composed and confident colour. If you're looking to take your first big risk with colour? Traditional shades of summer like aqua feel sophisticated and look great when contrasted with dark colours and bold textures. This formal colour is a great option to be used on upholstery pieces, like a velvet sofa. Fresh and versatile, this is a colour that can be safely applied wall-to-ceiling and still please the eye – and the mind. If it is a darker shade, it can create a beautiful room decoration if you combine it with a white ceiling. Then, you can complete the room design with neutral tones furniture, like grey and beige. The best of all recalls the colours of the ocean, brings comfort and creates a welcoming room decoration in home interiors.

Pastel Pink, is a feminine shade that accentuates a space's natural light and brings the warmth of colour into your home. In the living room, a pastel pink sofa will create a soft focal point that can make anyone fall in love. A chaise lounge in this pastel tone can be the perfect way to bring a pop of colour inside a neutral tone living room. It’s impossible to resist to use this colour trend, even if it’s on small detail in the room decoration. Since pastel pink is such a feminine color, you can use it to create home interiors with a touch of romanticism and class. You’ll continue to see soft tones of pink of the trendiest home interiors throughout the year.

Based on the indicators so far, these are colours which promise to be important this year, however, developments at the Milan Design Fair often take things in exciting new directions, so stay tuned for our post-fair update. Visit for LIVE updates on trends from Milan as it happens.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

8 Upholstered Beds that make your Bedroom look Chic

Research says that we spend one third of our life in bed. In fact, we spend much more than that, it could be talking on the phone, catching forty winks, having breakfast in bed or just sending late office mails. It is your personal space, a place where you unwind, a place where you dream, where you have life's great moments with your family and loved ones. For a place such as this, shouldn't it deserve to look magnificent and be able to give you many more years of delightful memories? Here are a repertoire of upholstered beds that come in stunning designs, quality, as well as make a sophisticated statement to match your lifestyle.

The inviting Hampton by Calligaris is a fully upholstered double bed with deep buttoned headboard and bed frame with a stylish removable cover. It is available in stain-resistant and anti-bacterial Melrose fabric or Ekos faux leather, with wooden or aluminium feet.

Sleek Hampton bed by Calligaris

Joy upholstered double bed finds its own dimension in simplicity, in a squared and light-weight structure. It is completely customisable and a perfect representation of Tonin Casa’s standards of quality. It is available in two versions a fabric version, with a contrast stitching and an eco-leather version, which is available in wide colour range. It can also be equipped with a lifting mechanism.

Joy, upholstered bed by Tonin Casa

The plush Michelangelo double bed by Tonin Casa is a modern padded bed with a choice of upholstery in varied sizes. It stands on an Ash wooden frame available in Canaletto Walnut, Dark Oak, or Natural Oak finishes. The headboard design takes its inspiration from sculptures, by their precise details and their curves that suggest quiet and placidity. The final touch is the creasing, a subtle and delicate edge whose colour can change and underline everyone’s personal style.

Plush Michelangelo bed by Tonin Casa

The Alvar double bed by Guiseppe Vigano for Bonaldo is a combination of padded platforms devised to create the headboard, the bed surround and the footboard, choosing from various shapes and compositions. The superior level of customisation also concerns the type of quilting, the upholstery cover - which is fully removable - and the colour.

Alvar double bed by Bonaldo

Alvar single bed version can become a versatile sofa-bed when required, providing a practical interior design solution for various occasions. Designed by Bonaldo, it is made up of three padded & stitched panels. Each panel is made individually so it can be upholstered in a choice of fabrics. The legs are available in a lacquered finish with many colour options.  

Single Alvar bed by Bonaldo

Be on cloud number nine with Cloud bed by Tonin Casa. Combining fine Italian craftsmanship with timeless design, this bed is the perfect addition to your modern bedroom-lighting. It has an adjustable and luxurious headboard, bed slats which fit a King size mattress and available in a variety of stunning colours.

Sleek legged blue Cloud bed by Tonin Casa

Veneziano double bed communicates its essence with its beauty. This Tonin Casa bed has a headboard made with handmade chesterfield technique which creates a Capitonné effect, both rich and refined. The bottom ring graciously meets the glorious headboard and its simple upholstery. The edges of the bed are curvy, the buttons and bulges are perfectly put in place one next to the other, on Italian leather. The bed can be customised to your desired style to match your décor.

Chesterfield headboard Veneziano bed by Tonin Casa

The upholstered Dharma bed by Tonin Casa has a headboard that highlights the fabrics and leather colours and textures, counter posing the big central cushion and the structure. It has frame upholstery in bordeaux red Nubuk leather, pillows upholstery in brick red pied-de-poule fabric and has removable pillows.

Red upholstered Dharma bed by Tonin Casa

We're sure you loved them just with one glance. So, why wait for an excuse when you can drop into our showroom and experience our fine collection of beds right away?